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Welcome to EmblemDivide.com home of the book Emblem Divide. Emblem Divide is a book which started to be released on the 3rd of December 2009. The book is being released as a chapter every two days, in a variety of formats. The author is making no money from the website, but will have links up and encourages people to donate money to charity if they like the book. This site also contains a wealth of information on the authors journey as he wrote and developed the book.

Chapter 01 – Initiation
Chapter 02 – Bethany
Chapter 03 – Go
Chapter 04 – A Deal
Chapter 05 – Meeting
Chapter 06 – Beaten Track
Chapter 07 – In Anticipation
Chapter 08 – Missing
Chapter 09 – Consequences
Chapter 10 – The Lesson
Chapter 11 – Field Trip
Chapter 12 – A Prayer
Chapter 13 – Fruit Picking
Chapter 14 – Beautiful Bride
Chapter 15 – An Unexpected Gift
Chapter 16 – Defense Mechanism
Chapter 17 – Visitors
Chapter 18 – Boyfriend
Chapter 19 – Under Contract
Chapter 20 – Family Home
Chapter 21 – Alone
Chapter 22 – The Plan
Chapter 23 – Mt. Taleberg
Chapter 24 – Unwanted Engagement
Chapter 25 – Cryptic Message
Chapter 26 – Interrogation
Chapter 27 – A Small Victory
Chapter 28 – Really Good Book
Chapter 29 – Out Of Character
Chapter 30 – Avoidance
Chapter 31 – Accomplished
Chapter 32 – Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 33 – Ulterior Motive
Chapter 34 – The Experiment
Chapter 35 – Revealing
Chapter 36 – Haito’s Advice
Chapter 37 – Frustration
Chapter 38 – When’s The Wedding?
Chapter 39 – Pushed For Time
Chapter 40 – Electrifying
Chapter 41 – The Park At Drewery
Chapter 42 – A Constant Reminder
Chapter 43 – Ready To Go
Chapter 44 – Confession
Chapter 45 – A Resolution
Chapter 46 – Prophecy Fulfilled
Chapter 47 – Revelations
Chapter 48 – Mission
Chapter 49 – A Welcome Reunion
Chapter 50 – Final Decision

Review – Damien – It is two-thirty AM. I just closed the cover of a book called Emblem Divide after reading its last sentence. The huge smile on my face will take two full days to fade, but I don’t know that yet.
Review – Lisa – If you are looking to get completely lost in an alternate reality of time travel, love and warfare then this is the book for you.
Review – David – It is my opinion that Emblem Divide (or ED to make it easier to refer to) is piece of literacy brilliance.

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New book – Check it out!

So all you Emblem Divide fans, not sure how many there are of you, but you may be interested to know that a new book is in the works. Please, head on over to Alchemy Reigns at alchemyreigns.wordpress.com.

Bonus Chapter 2

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The trigger was pulled and time after time the chamber reloaded and recoiled as it expelled its red hot projectiles. Each one wound its way down the barrel, twisting faster and faster as it neared the eventual exit. On either side its siblings were engaged in the same procedure of loading and firing, monotonously showering their target with identical bullets.
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Bonus Chapter 1

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She looked at the screen in front of her and sighed. It had started out as a bad day and definitely had not progressed as she had expected. Usually work was enough to keep her mind occupied, but today there was something different in the air. She nursed her wandering consciousness, flicking through the various screens at her terminal. The display panel switched dully in its usual monotonous way. There was nothing to report.
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Video Commentary Part 4


  1. Will there be a sequel?
  2. On attachment to characters

Be Warned!! There are SPOILERS in these commentaries.

Video Commentary Part 3


  1. On Zane…
  2. On Ruben…
  3. Are there any bits of you in the book?
  4. On the writing process

Be Warned!! There are SPOILERS in these commentaries.
Continued in Part 4

Video Commentary Part 2


  1. Did the story line change?
  2. On Kiele…

Be Warned!! There are SPOILERS in these commentaries.
Continued in Part 3

Video Commentary Part 1


  1. On Time Travel…
  2. On Sci Fi…
  3. Did you consider the dark nature of the start may be a turn off?

Be Warned!! There are SPOILERS in these commentaries.
Continued in Part 2

Thank you everyone + Extra Surprises

This is a huge thank you to all of you out there; those who have commented, those who have spent hours glued to a luminescent screen, those who have donated money to charity and those who have given me countless feedback, I thank each and every one of you for your contributions to Emblem Divide. It’s been a long, tiring, but amazing journey and I’m so glad to have shared it with each and every on of you. Please, please, please let me know what you thought of the book. If you’re not a comment person, email. If email’s not your thing, then IM/DM me. If you have any questions, ask. I’d love to hear from you. I would love it if everyone who has finished the book, left a comment on the Epilogue, kinda like a guest book. If you feel like it, it would be great to have a review, and I hope to put up a questionnaire soon too.

Though Emblem Divide is over, please watch the commentaries, you may find a nice surprise in there 🙂 There will be two bonus chapters later, which may give a further insight into the world of Emblem and even a sneak peak inside the G-TEP HQ. I’m hoping to record two of the songs mentioned in ED, Colour Me Stupid and You Ain’t Seen Me Till I’m Dead and upload them to the site. There’s also the possibility of some exclusive artwork, for which I need to find someone to paint me some extraodinary scenery. There’s also the idea of producing an audio book, and I need to post later about how printed copies will work.

In closing, keep spreading the word. You now know the ending and as so, are much better placed to promote the book to others. The best decision we made in the team was to share Emblem Divide with the community. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


Download: Chapter 0-Epilogue (everything up to current chapter) Epilogue (just the current chapter)
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He sat there, reading. The sun was warm and the beach was beautiful. Through the waving of the palm trees he occasionally felt a burst of sunlight on his legs, his torso and head being completely in shade. This was just what he needed. He picked up the drink from his side and sipped it slowly. It wasn’t alcoholic, just cool, refreshing his senses and filling him with a feeling of relaxation.

The man hadn’t taken a holiday in years, previous events had meant he just couldn’t afford it. Now, finally he was able to give his family something they had desperately needed; a nice long vacation, somewhere hot, sunny, and relaxing.
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Chapter 50 – Final Decision

Download: Chapter 0-50 (everything up to current chapter) Chapter 50 (just the current chapter)
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As he walked to the Zone for what would be the last time, his mind was set on completely different things. For a start he had a love interest now. He didn’t know entirely who Zane had been talking about, but the pretty young blond seemed like a good place to start.

Oken had never had time for relationships, he had never had time for anyone other than himself. Or Ruben. Though he felt bad for thinking it, Ruben was fairly low maintenance. He didn’t have to be anyone different around the man. Ruben accepted him for who he was, a slightly kooky, rather odd, obsessive warrior.
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